Rukum District Hospital in sorry state

Rukum, June 9

Rukum District Hospital is in a sorry state due to administrative negligence.

Hygiene and sanitation problem in the hospital has compelled patients to visit private health facilities.

The hospital has also run out of government-provided free medicine stock. Hospital wards are stinking with stale odour coming from filthy toilets, while patients are compelled to bring clean drinking water from outside the hospital.

Sanjay Khadka, a patient’s attendant at the hospital, said even new mothers bought water from outside the hospital. “There is no water in and around the hospital. We have to buy a bottle of water paying up to Rs 50,” said Sanjay.

According to a hospital source, the health facility has received Rs 8 million from the health ministry, but the money is about to be frozen as it was left unused.

Medical superintendent at the hospital Dr Rajendra GC could not be reached for comments.