Rural municipality adds Rs 2,000 as incentive for new mothers in Solukhumbu

SOLUKHUMBU: Mahakulung Rural Municipality in the district is providing an additional sum of Rs 2,000 as incentive to mothers who go to a recognised health institution for delivery.

The incentive programme has come into effect since January 9, 2018. In accordance to this, any woman going to health centres for child birth will receive a total of Rs 3,500 including Rs 1,500 provided by the government.

Two mothers have already received the incentive amount within a period of one month, informed Health Coordinator Hari Prasad Acharya. He further mentioned that the new provision has been made to encourage mothers to go to health centres for delivery, thereby securing the life of both mother and child.

The Mahakulung Rural Municipality that comprises the then VDCs Chheskam, Bung and Gudel has three health posts with birthing centre in Gudel health post only. Efforts are being made to run birthing centres in Chheskam and Bung as well, said the Rural Municipality Chairperson Sagar Kiranti.

Similarly, Thulung Dudhkoshi Rural Municipality has also decided to provide maternity allowance of Rs 5,000 to those going to a hospital and Rs 3,500 to those going to birthing centres for delivery. This provision has come into effect since January 19, 2018.