BAGLUNG: Chairman of Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party (NWPP) Narayanman Bijukchhe on Friday accused former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ of going against the law on the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) row.
Talking to journalists here today, Bijukchhe also said the step taken by President Dr Ram Baran Yadav was appropriate for the national interest. “Dahal always talked about civilian supremacy. But its meaning is not defined in Nepali politics,” he added.
He also said there would be no sovereignty in the country sans national army. Bijukchhe added that it was necessary to provide military training to each individual over 18 years of age.
Bijukchhe further added that the government’s tenure depended on the competency of PM Nepal. Claiming that the new constitution would be drafted on time, Bijukchhe, however, said the task of restructuring the state would be a difficult one. “Our party believes that the state should be restructured on the basis of geography. It can be restructured on the basis of ethnicity and language. But there would always be a risk of disintegration,” he maintained.
He also accused the Maoists of obstructing the House without an logic. “The resolution motion that they tabled against the President was meaningless. They can impeach the government if they can forge consensus,” he clarified.
Responding to a query on the management of PLA soldiers, Bijukchhe opposed to the idea of integrating them. “They should be managed elsewhere. The group entrance of PLA soldiers in the Nepali Army might create a revolt in the army,” he added.