Sadbhawana's Sah says she is ready to face music from party

JANAKPURDHAM: Sadbhawana Party lawmaker Madhavi Rani Sah, who was suspended by the party for participating in the presidential election, has said she is ready to "face" the music.

However, she has challenged that the party cannot take action against her.

Sah had cast her vote in the presidential election against the decision taken by Unified Democratic Madhesi Front not to participate in the process.

Subsequently, the party had decided to remove her from the post of lawmaker as well as from the membership of Sadbhawana Party.

Sah has reiterated that the party decision cannot be implemented until she is given a chance for clarification as the party is run by statute and should abide by its rules and principles".

The lawmaker claimed that the party did not issue any whip regarding boycotting the election process.

She confessed that she did not have any regret for participating in the presidential election process.

Earlier, other lawmakers of the party including Parliamentary Party leader Laxman Lal Karna had submitted their resignation from the Parliament, but Sah was not a signatory of the move.