SAF urges for UN assembly in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: South Asian Federalist (SAF) launched a campaign for the establishment of United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA), in Kathmandu, today.

At a press meet in the capital, James Arputharaj W, President South Asian Federalist, claimed that the purpose of the UNPA was to represent citizens in global institutions. He further stated, “it would solve the problems of democracy deficit, lack of transparency, inefficiency and promote increased participation and representation of civil society in the UN.”

The campaign for the establishment of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly started from India in 2007. The campaign, that calls for democratising the UN, brings together non-governmental organisations, parliamentarians and citizens worldwide, who are committed to the goal of enhancing citizen representation through a global parliament.

According to president Arputharaj, the appeal for the establishment of a parliamentary assembly at the UN is now supported by more than 600 members of parliament from various countries.

He also added that the call for a UNPA was being backed by the European parliament, the pan- African parliament and the Latin African parliament.