Sale of adulterated fuel rampant

Kailali, November 18

At a time when fuel scarcity has gripped the entire country, the business of adulterated fuel has flourished in Kailali.

As diesel and petrol have become scarce and one has to queue for days at the gas stations to get just a few litres of fuel, black-marketing has gone up recently since traders are making big bucks selling petrol and diesel in bottles and jerry cans at exorbitant prices from their shops as well as the roadside on the highways.

However, most of the fuel being sold is of sub-standard quality and most of the vehicles end up in garages with the use of such inferior quality fuel.

Proprietor of Krishna Chandra Auto of Dhangadi Krishna Dhakal said most of the vehicles, especially two-wheelers, which came to his garage of late had engine-related problems due to use of adulterated fuel.

Far-west Transportation Entrepreneurs’ Committee member Sitaram Joshi conceded that the use of low-quality fuel amidst the fuel shortage had posed a huge problem. “As we need fuel to operate our vehicles, we have no option but to buy from wherever source we get. However, inferior quality fuel has been causing the engine to break down, which is troublesome to not only vehicle operators but also passengers,” he said.

Sources said traders were selling petrol for up to Rs 200 per litre by smuggling it from the Indian market of Tinkuniya, which is near Dhangadi on the Nepali side.

Locals criticised the administration for its failure to check the sale of adulterated fuel in the district. “It would’ve been okay it they sold unadulterated fuel at that price, but they are cheating people. It’s the fuel-strapped vehicle owners who have to suffer,” said Krishna Rawal of Lamki.

Kailali Chief District Officer Mohan Chapagain pledged action against persons involved in selling adulterated fuel.