Samrat Bhattarai has won the Wai Wai Jingle Remix Contest organised by CG Foods, on Thursday. Bhattarai of Itahari in Sunsari won the grand prize of Rs 1 lakh for his remix jingle.

The contest that was held for one month from 21 June to 21 July had called for participants across the country to send the remix of the main Wai Wai jingle "Hami Sabai ko wai wai", using traditional instruments.

During the duration, over 62 remix jingles were sent from all over the country, informed organisers.

"We were surprised by the musical diversity in the received jingles which included the genres from rap, pop, rock and local folk music."

Meanwhile, the top nine participants were also presented with Rs 25,000 cash for their enthusiasm and hard work, the statement reads.

According to the organiser, the contest was organised in such a way that the talents from all over the country could participate and showcase their skills in a bid to bring the capable persons from outside the Kathmandu valley so that they could also get an equal chance to show their capabilities.

The jingle remix submitted by the talents outside the valley were found to be of utmost quality in terms of technology and professionalism, the statement reads further.