Sanitary pads distributed to end Chhaupadi in Bajura district

BAJURA: A campaign to eradicate the Chhaupadi system has been initiated in Budhiganga Municipality of Bajura district.

A team comprising the mayor of Budhiganga Deepak Bikram Shah, deputy mayor Tara Khati, heath coordinator, ward chairs, and other members have been conducting door-to-door awareness programme against the social ill practice, in which menstruating girls and women are sent out of their homes to live in small huts and sheds for five to seven days, despite weather conditions and other dangers.

On Tuesday, 300 women were provided with sanitary pads along with soaps, shampoo, and blankets, with the support of a non-government organisation - Serving Humanity in Numerous Endeavor.

Furthermore, distribution of sanitary pads was carried out by the municipality team by visiting different villages within the municipality. The team informed the women about the usage of sanitary pads during menstruation.

The campaign aims to end Chhaupadi by spreading awareness about its grave consequences.

Ramita Jaisi, one of the residents of the municipality, said, “I had heard of sanitary pads. However, this is the first time I have received one.” She added that discussions organised by the team members emphasised the usage of sanitary pads as women and girls were still unaware of such an option.