Sanphe-Martadi road faces landslip threat

Bajura, August 1

The Sanphe-Martadi road section in Bajura is at a high risk of landslides due to incessant rainfall following landslides at various places.

Travellers have been facing problems due to obstruction of transportation service following landslips in various places along the road section. Transport entrepreneurs said service had been obstructed even when rainfall was light.

A staff at Betalmandau bus counter Khadak Raj Joshi said it was very difficult for vehicles to ply from Barjugard to Taprisera of the Bajura section due to the muddy and rough road.

Jeep entrepreneur Prithivi Rawal said jeeps were operated in the road section partially. “We have been facing unimaginable problems while driving along the road section,” he added. Rawal said the problems occurred due to the rough road and lack of bridge over the Gauigard River.

Similarly, Budhiganga River has been eroding the road at Budhabagar of Achham section during the rainy season. Lal Kunwar, a local, said that the road would have been swept away if the dam was not constructed on time.