Saptari DPHO chief manhandled by own staffer

RAJBIRAJ: Chief of the Saptari District Public Health Office was allegedly manhandled by own staffer at the office on Thursday.

Senior Public Health Administrator Harishchandra Sah was reportedly misbehaved by the DPHO's Information Officer and Data Section Chief Chhedi Yadav.

"I was unnecessarily questioned since the beginning," he said adding that Yadav would present himself as the boss and would not allow him to work freely.

Sah was transferred to the DPHO just around a month ago.

He said Yadav was dissatisfied him of late over the formation of the DPHO Procurement Committee.

"I was being beaten black and blue, but other staff saved me," he said, "Then, I was padlocked in the quarters and attacked verbally."

Sah said Yadav resorted to the attack after the former refused to provide him with all details of office proceedings.

He said Saptari Chief District Officer Baldev Gautam and other security officials had been informed of the case.

Yadav, however, said he had attacked the boss in a fit of anger after the latter failed to pay him some due amount and prolonged the issue while he raised it.