Saptari flood victims start falling ill

Rajbiraj, August 16

Saptari folks displaced by the flood and inundation living in open meadows, schools, and roadsides in makeshift tents have started falling ill.

People from flood-affected settlements too have become victims to various diseases such as fever, diarrhoea, common cold, and respiratory problems. Health problem has been detected mostly in the locals of Banarjhula, Kusaha, Sakarpura, Rampura Malhaniya, Koiladi and Tilathi areas.

Three-hundred families displaced from Banarjhula are living in tents near the Koshi’s western embankment for the past five days. Most of the families out of the 100 displaced families from Rampura Malhaniya living on the roadside in the tents have fallen ill. Most of the displaced complained that they were facing shortage of clean drinking water, food and medicines.

The number of patients visiting health posts and Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital has increased sharply in the district. Senior AHW Jay Krishna Gurmaita said that patients were being treated on the floor for want of beds.

According to Gurmaita, diarrhoea, fever and common cold patients from rural areas has soared sharply. ‘Over 40 patients visit the hospital for treatment on a daily basis,” he said.

Information officer Chhedi Prasad Yadav at DPHO said his office had set up health camps at four places including Jir Hatiya, and Kunauli for treatment of patients.