Kathmandu, June 5:

A day after the Supreme Court set free three former ministers of the earstwhile royal cabinet, it is now testing the legality of the detention of former Home Minister Kamal Thapa and Minister of Local Development Tanka Dhakal.

Advocate Namaraj Karki today filed separate habeas corpus petitions seeking the apex court order to the government authorities to release the duo.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Kathmandu DAO and the Police Paharagan and Police Academy have been made the defendants in the petitions. Thapa and Dhakal were put behind bars on May 12. They have been accused of posing a threat to the sovereignty of the people and the security of the nation.

Meanwhile, the acting registrar of the Supreme Court, Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena, told advocate Achyut Kharel, who had submitted a Public Interest Litigation challenging the May 18 Declaration of the House of Representatives, that the court would soon decide whether or not to accept the case.