SC mulls over senior advocate title for lawyers

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court has recently issued circulars to all Appellate Courts to submit details of lawyers practicing in the respective courts with a view to selecting senior advocates among themselves.

The apex court recently issued

the circulars to give the title of

senior advocates to those lawyers who have high reputation in their profession and are practicing for

the past 15 years. A panel of justices Khil Raj Regmi,

Ram Kumar Prasad Shah and Prakash Osti has been doing the groundwork to select senior advocates from among the lawyers practicing across the country.

Hemanta Rawal, assistant spokesperson, SC, said the apex court will give the title of senior advocates after examining the details and recommendations.

Section 21 of the Nepal Bar Council Act, 1993 has authorised the Supereme Court to present the title of senior advocate to those law practitioners in the Supreme Court and Appellate Courts.