SC nudges ‘defunct’ Judicial Council

Kathmandu, December 8:

The Supreme Court today urged the Judicial Council (JC) to appoint judges for commercial benches.

The JC has been in limbo due to serious differences of opinion between Law Minister Dev Gurung and JC member Moti Kaji Sthapit, who was handpicked by the former PM Girija Prasad Koirala for the job.

“We have urged the JC to expedite the process of appointment of judges for commercial benches. This will be fresh appointments,” said Hemanta Rawal, assistant spokesperson, Supreme Court. The apex court had given its nod last week to open commercial benches, which will hear cases pertaining to commerce and finance.Cases will be heard

under Company Act, 2007;

Secured Transaction Act, 2007;

Insolvency Act, 2007 and Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, 2007.

The benches are on a par with appellate courts. However, they will act as the court of first instance whenever a case is filed. The government has approved requisite manpower for these benches. At least two judges will be assigned to each bench.