SC set for separate ‘judicial anthem’

KATHMANDU: At a time when the rule of law is in peril, the country’s apex court has come up with a novel idea to urge all to respect the laws of the land with a “judicial anthem”.

The Supreme Court has done needful for preparing the judicial anthem, through which the people will be urged to uphold the rule of law, democratic norms in the country and to respect the directives of the judiciary.

“The judicial anthem is almost ready now and we are planning to bring it into implementation as soon as possible,” said Hemanta Rawal, assistant spokesperson of the SC, to The Himalayan Times today. Once the decision to this effect takes place, all judiciary

related formal programmes will begin with all singing the judicial anthem, just like formal programmes beginning with the national anthem, according to him.

The apex court administration now has to seek the nod of the full court meeting of its judges for the use of the anthem.

Such a concept of judicial anthem has been taken from that of Philippines. Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena, the SC registrar, is its lyrist and some well known singers have given their voices for the anthem, he revealed.

Though he did not make public the text of the anthem, Rawal said that the anthem would incorporate the idea of constitutional supremacy, the judicial independence and upholding of the rights and interests of the people.

When reached for comments, general secretary of the Nepal Bar Association, Raman Kumar Shrestha, did not like the idea. “If it is advertisement, we do not have anything to comment. But if it is a separate anthem of the judiciary, then it is not possible,” Shrestha said.

“Separate anthem of the separate government body is not possible unless endorsed by the constitution and act. And if there is no mention of such thing in the constitution and law, how can they implement it?” he questioned.