School diverts funds to construct building

RUPANDEHI: Misuse of funds is on the rise in the district. The government has remained unconcerned even when the budget allotted for a project is being used for some other purpose. Saurahafarsatikar Higher Secondary School is a case in point.

The Department of Education had provided Rs 2 million for the construction of girls’ hostel but the school has been constructing a commercial building. Locals have accused the department of providing fund to schools indiscriminately without discussing it with stakeholders. Principal Guru Prasad Sharma said the school invested the amount meant for improving quality of education in constructing the building. He added, “We received the budget in the school account without any agreement.’’

Hem Bahadur Chhetri, section officer at the District Education Office said that it was not wise to construct a commercial building with the budget allocated for educational purpose.