School takes up poultry farming for income

Rukum, January 11

A school in Rukum has taken to poultry farming to stabilise its financial status and help its students in their studies with the income.

Sharada Model Primary School of Muru VDC-7, established around nine years ago, came up with the concept as per which its pupils’ families have been asked to keep two chickens at each home for income purposes.

“The families will deposit the income from the poultry at the school and get the total amount along with their kids’ certificates upon completing their studies here,” informed school management committee chairperson Balbir Pun.

According to Pun, the school estimates to make an income of around Rs 50,000 a year through the new concept.

“As the school is suffering from lack of fund and is unable to provide salaries to the teachers, we came up with this idea to strengthen our financial status,” said teacher Khim Bahadur BK, who is also secretary of the Poultry Farming Committee.

He added that the school had earned Rs 320,000 through the concept so far.

According to him, a total of 119 students are currently participating in the poultry farming.

Though the government has allowed the school to run classes up to grade 5, it has failed to provide any relief quota teachers for the school so far.

The school is witnessing a rise in number of students while the case is just opposite in other government schools.