Schoolkids sweating it out to feed family, self

Khotang, July 17:

With the start of summer vacation, students of the Shree High School in Bunku of Bansbote VDC, Udayapur district, are busy working as labourers.

Many students of the school have descended to Diktel, the district headquarters of Khotang, to cover expenses for their education and to feed their siblings.

“We have to work as labourers to win bread and butter and to buy our books,” a ninth-grader student of the school Lila Chamling said. “Due to abject poverty my family has been facing, I am compelled to work as a labourer.”

Sixth-grader Ganesh Rai said he has been working as labour to feed his siblings and to earn for education. Eighth-grader Sabin Rai said he works for rich people for six months and goes to school the remaining six months.

Other school students said they have been compelled to work as labourers during every summer vacation.