Three schools in the southern part of Doti district have been closed for five days following a rapid outbreak of the viral fever among the locals in Bogatan-Phudsil Rural Municipality-6 of the district.

Masteshower Secondary School, Balmiki Basic School and Seudi Basic School at Gaguda have been shut down to curb the further spread of the viral fever.

Teacher Chakra Bahadur Chand shared that the students were infected from the viral fever all of a sudden.

The schools were shut down to prevent further spread of the infection among other students and teachers as well as the locals.

Ward chair Birendra Chand informed that the schools were closed as a preventive measure after some students developed symptoms such as headache, loss of appetite and fever among others.

The School administration decided to close the schools after drawing the attention of the Department of Education of the concerned local rural municipality towards the public health issue, according to teacher Chand.