Schools shut for months in Bajura with teachers absent

Bajura, June 1

Gumbagaun-based Himalbhakti Primary School at Himali Rural Municipality has remained closed since the beginning of the new session due to teachers’ absenteeism.

Bhim Giri is the principal with permanent status and Ratna Lal BK is a temporary teacher in the school. The school established 37 years ago, runs classes up to grade three.

Locals complained that none of the teachers were in contact. According to locals, the school opened only for two months in the previous years. There are 14 students in the school altogether, 10 of them in class one and two each in the remaining classes. Even the office assistant doesn’t open the school.

Monitoring teams from the District Education Office have not reached schools in far flung areas of the district. School Supervisor Umesh Regmi at the District Education Office said that they couldn’t send teams to supervise schools due to unfavourable terrain.

Similarly, Budhinanda Primary School at Dhadakot of Kolti also has remained closed for the past two months. Head Teacher Damodar Regmi along with other teachers have not reported at the school since the last week of March. As none of the teachers reported to school, assistant Dharma Bahadur Bohara published the result of the last session. There are five teachers serving at the school — three of them are permanent and two have been employed through private resource.

School Management Committee Chairperson Chhakka Bohara said that teaching-learning activities at the school had been adversely affected due to prolonged absenteeism of teachers. He said he had informed the district education office about it.