Scientific forest management campaign launched

Kavre, January 29

Scientific Forest Management Campaign has been launched in Kavre with the aim of utilising forest resources to financially support local households.

The campaign was launched with the support of Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforestry and community forestry in Nepal, a research project funded by the Australian Forest Project.

The campaign focuses on different pine tree species that have been introduced in Phagarkhola, Chappani, Saprup and Kalopani community forests of Chaubas, Methinkot and Dhunkharka VDCs.

Separate plots have been demarcated in the forests for planting Gobre species of pine trees in Phagarkhola and Chappani community forests, and for planting Thingre and Khote species of pine trees in Kalopani and Saprup community forests, respectively.

As per the campaign, all unhealthy mature pine trees have been felled to make room for other species of plants in the designated forest areas.

As many as 900 saplings of Chap and Ipil Ipil trees and 400 Amriso (broom grass) have been planted in Kalopani, while 600 saplings of Lauthsall (a species of pine) and as many cardamom plants have been planted in Kalopani and Phagarkhola.

District forest officer Prem Khanal expressed confidence that the forest management scheme will benefit the locals. “Some 25 matured trees per hectare will be kept in each of the designated areas after felling down the unhealthy trees,” Khanal said.

Research fellow for the project Govind Poudel said a total of 1,718 cubic feet timber worth around Rs 7.6 million was collected from the areas after felling down the unhealthy trees.

As per the campaign, the community forest users will be allowed to grow various herbs, plants and trees to generate income.

Chapapani Community Forest Users’ Group chairperson Kanchhaman Sarki was all praise for the campaign.

“Earlier, we were worried that the forests would be destroyed slowly, but the campaign has helped us conserve it and gave us an income generating opportunity,” he said.