Scribes urged to uphold code of conduct

Kathmandu, June 8:

Speakers at a programme today urged journalists and media houses to abide by the journalists’ code of conduct.

Nepali media lacks professionalism and discipline, they said at an interaction organised under the aegis of the Press Council-Nepal (PCN) to discuss issues facing the Nepali media.

A section of people, who always seek fulfilment of petty interests, is tarnishing the image of media, they said, stressing the need to curb such a tendency. Media houses and journalists are not adhering to the journalists’ code of conduct, journalist Yubaraj Ghimire said, calling for self-regulation to end the anarchy plaguing the field of journalism these days.

Lack of accountability and credibility and biased perception among the media are some of the reasons behind the situation, Ghimire said. “Media escorts the nation. What will happen in the country if the media deviates from its mission?” “Media should not only be free, it should also be responsible.”

Rajendra Dahal, president of the PCN, said, “No one will want to take to journalism if the media loses its reputation,” he said. “Absence of professionalism and commitment on the part of journalists will make our media suffer in future.”

The needs of accuracy, balance and credibility of journalists and media houses, proper parameters to scrutinise their performances were discussed at the interaction.