Search for province government building intensified

DHANGADHI: The search for the structure including building required for province government has been intensified with the appointment of province chief and designation of temporary Province 7 headquarters in Dhangadhi.

A team headed by Regional Administrator Laxmi Ram Poudel on Thursday took stock of the situation of buildings of several government offices in Dhangadhi including Regional Health Training Centre, Agriculture, Regional Forest Office, Regional Irrigation Directorate, District Coordination Committee, Office of Cottage and Small Industry.

Regional Administrator Poudel was quoted in Rastriya Samachar Samiti as saying, "The residence and office of province chief and the venue for swearing-in ceremony would be finalised today while additional offices under the province government would be finalised in near future." He added, "The buildings available in Dhangadhi would be arranged for interim period. The Provincial Government would manage the buildings on its own."

Number of buildings would be essential for the purpose of office and residence for chief minister, ministers, province assembly secretariat and chief secretary which will function as part of Province government.

The government has appointed Mohan Raj Malla (68), former village assembly chief and national assembly member of the Panchayat regime, as the chief of Province 7. A resident of Kailali, Bhajani Municipality-1, Malla holds a master degree in political science from Tribhuvan University in Political Science. as the chief of Province7.

Formerly a member of Rastriya  Prajatantra Party, he entered Nepali Congress on the eve of the second Constituent Assembly election in 2013..