Seasonal influenza taking toll at Barpak

GORKHA: Common cold and seasonal influenza that has spread for the past 10 days has taken its toll in Barpak of Gorkha district, the epicenter of the Gorkha earthquake of April 2015, causing a death of a three-year-old child and taking more than 300 others ill.

The District Public Health Office confirmed the death of Supriya Gurung, but is yet to determine the exact cause of her death.

Gurung, who was suffering from fever and pneumonia for the past 15 days, died on Wednesday in the course of treatment, said doctors involved in her treatment.

Nani Babu Dani, chief of epidemic section, DPHO, said the number of patients with the diseases visiting local health centres is increasing by the day, and children dominate the number. Approximately 80 patients suffering from the diseases visited the hospital on Wednesday alone, he added.

Following the epidemic, two doctors have been assigned to the affected site, and they have already started their work, he said. "Health workers have also been sent to the affected area with medicines.

Additional health workers and medicines will be dispatched on Thursday," he said.