Nepal | January 22, 2020

Second edition of “Mero Gaun, Mero Thaun” video challenge announced

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KATHMANDU: We Will Rise Foundation is all set to host the second video challenge to unravel touristic destinations of the country for tourism development through their natural resources, cultural heritages, costumes, culinary arts, diversity, among others, following the success of its first video challenge.

According to a press release issued by the Foundation, the event will take place in April 2020. As per the statement, the video challenge will be highly useful as Government of Nepal has declared to observe 2020 as Visit Nepal Year. The tourism sector holds much importance in our national life as it is viewed as a means for the creation of employment opportunities, poverty alleviation and inclusive development, it further reads.

Following the successful hosting of the first video challenge, the event is expected to sensitise people to visit places of touristic interests in Nepal. “If we can promote the submitted videos, we believe, it will contribute to help promote our domestic and international tourism. Due to this fact, we have felt a responsibility to continue this video challenge,” the Foundation states.

The last video challenge had proved instrumental in creating a realisation among people that it is their responsibility to promote touristic areas in their region. The theme ‘Mero Gaun, Mero Thaun’ proved catalytic in enhancing the latent potentiality of various places. The Foundation had received a total of 132 videos of seven provinces from enthusiastic participants. Among those videos, 47 were shortlisted from 10 disciplines. The final selection and award ceremony had taken place on July 1, 2019,` at Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu.

The event had been jointly hosted with cooperation from Nepal Tourism Board, Visit Nepal 2020 Secretariat, and Film Development Board of Nepal. This year, the Foundation is expected to receive further cooperation from Gandaki Province and Non-Resident Nepali Association. The upcoming video challenge will run for a total of 100 days.

Those intending to participate need to send their videos between December 1, 2019 to March 9, 2020, reads the statement. The minimum quality of the video must be Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) and the video should not exceed the duration of five minutes.

Participants can register through the Foundation’s website ( and send their videos via Google Drive. Selection Committee will select a total of 70 videos from those received to award under 10 disciplines. Cash prizes will be given to 10 selected videos amidst a special ceremony, informs the Foundation.

“This video challenge is being inspired by the idea that we too can do something from our sector through the slogan ‘Hami Uthne Chhaun‘ and to contribute to ‘Samriddha Nepal, Sukhi Nepali‘ movement being declared by our Government.”

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