KATHMANDU: The special security meeting held today in the Metropolitan Commissioner's Office have commissioned 700 police personnel for the security of the Chinese nationals. The meeting was attended by Kathmandu Chief District Officer (CDO) Bhola Shiwakoti, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Ganga Pandey, Superintendents of Police and other officials.

The meeting decided to provide tight security to the Chinese Embassy in a bid to curb anti-Chinese activities. The security personnel are at high alert on the embassy premises against threats like the bombings and large-scale protests. DIGP Pandey said the meeting was called to plan and implement security arrangements for the embassy and the Chinese nationals, taking in mind the upcoming Chinese National Day that falls on Thursday.

Likewise, CDO Shiwakoti said that as per the information of the office, security has been beefed up in the prone areas as pro-Tibetan protests might erupt near the Chinese Embassy and against the Chinese nationals.