Seed bank established

Bajura, December 21

As the farmers of the remote regions of Wai VDC in Bajura failed to acquire seeds for different crops when needed, a seed bank has been established with the initiative of local peasants.

The seemingly endless three-year drought has hit the locals hard.

With the establishment of the bank, the locals have been provided with seeds of paddy, wheat, millet, barley, bean and soybean, among other crops and vegetables.

“Besides the folks of the 11 VDCs of the district, residents of Humla and Mugu frequent the bank for aid,” said Chairperson of the collection centre Birendra Bahadur Shahi.

Local Green Farmer’s Group has been operating the seed bank successfully.

Seeds of various crops and vegetables are sown at wards 1, 2 and 3 of Wai VDC, which has been facilitated with irrigation.

District Agriculture Development Office, Action Aid, Human Resource Centre Bajura and Nepal Climate Change Support Organisation had jointly supported the establishment of the bank. “With the establishment of the bank, thousands of farmers of drought-hit areas are now greatly relieved,” said District Agriculture Development Office, Bajura.