Seniors neglect us, say deputies

Rautahat, July 24

Deputy-mayors and vice-chairs of local bodies in Rautahat have complained of the neglect they have faced at the hands of their seniors.

Speaking at a discussion organised by the Deputy-mayor Club Rautahat in the district headquarters Gaur today, second-in-commands of local bodies accused their seniors of interfering with their work and delay in setting up the judicial bench.

“Besides frequent interference in my work, the mayor in my municipality hasn’t bothered to set up the judicial bench despite the fact that the judicial committee was long formed,” said Gaur Municipality Deputy Mayor Kiran Thakur, adding that the gathering was meant to prepare a future strategy. “The constitution has given us the mandate to settle cases of the people. So we must now stand up to the mayors in order to seek the right the constitution has bestowed upon us.”

Rajdevi Municipality Deputy Mayor Anshu Singh warned, “If the seniors continue to look down on us like this, we’ll have no option other than to stand up against such injustice.” She also urged mayors and rural municipality chiefs to quit their dismissive attitude towards women.

Rautahat has a total of 18 local bodies. Deputy mayors of Baudhimai, Ishanath, Garuda, Gaur, Madhav Narayan, Gadimai municipalities and vice-chairs of Durga Bhawani and Yamunamai Rural Municipalities were present at today’s discussion.