Service at doorsteps for Phidim-10 SSA beneficiaries

PANCHATHAR: The Phidim Municipality-10 has started distributing the social security allowance (SSA) at the doorstep of the recipients.

The ward chair, Bina Thamsuhang, decided to visit the houses of beneficiaries to hand over the allowance, keeping her word for so she gave during the election publicity campaign.

A total of 290 service beneficiaries in the ward were happy to see the ward chair at their doorsteps with the allowance.

The Phidim Municipality Office has adopted the policy of distributing the social security allowance, which is provided in different categories such as senior citizen, single women and disability through a banking system, for the convenience of beneficiaries.

The travel cost to visit the municipality office from relatively farther areas exceeds Rs 800 and the office decided to allocate the allowance from banks.

Senior Citizen Laxmi Budathoki of Chilingden shared that she was happy to get the allowance at doorstep. "What she is doing for us is really a great help and respite for the recipients mainly of remote areas," she added.