Service seekers complain against Nawalpur LRO online service

Nawalpur, November 14

Launched with much fanfare, the online service system at the Land Revenue Office of Nawalpur has failed to quite cut it with service seekers.

Omraj Adhikari of Devachuli Municipality complained he had to frequent the Land Revenue Office for four days just to get a piece of land registered. “The new system is more efficient only in name. Ever since its implementation, it has added to our hassles, not lessened them,” he said.

Professional Legal Lekhapadi Association of Nepal Kawasoti Chairperson Bhakta Bahadur Thapa said the online system had failed to be service seeker-friendly. “It’s good for government offices to be technology-friendly, but it has failed to be friendly to service seekers,” Thapa said.

“The problem with the system can be clearly seen in the fact that it caters to just around 20 to 25 service seekers every day these days, whereas it was possible to provide service to 100  persons per day before the online system was adopted,” Thapa added.

LRO Nawalpur Chief Ashok Kumar Bhattarai admitted that the new system had failed to make its mark. “As the system is new, the staff is learning to adapt to it. Service delivery will be lot easier once the staff learns the ropes,” he said.

The new system was implemented as per the Land Management and Documentation Department’s target to keep integrated data of all land administration offices in the country.