Set deadline for vacating palaces, says minister

Rupandehi, June 10:

The government should set a deadline for the deposed king and his family to vacate the palaces they will be living in after June 10, Minister for Health and Population Giriraj Mani Pokhrel said today.

The government has decided to let deposed king Gyanendra live in the Nagarjun Palace, former queen mother Ratna and late king Tribhuvan’s concubine Sarala to stay in the Narayanhity palace until they arrange their residences. Speaking at a press conference organised by the Revolutionary Journalists’ Association Rupandehi chapter today, Minister Pokhrel said, “Then government must set a deadline to vacate the palaces.”

Pokhrel, also the vice-chairman of Janamorcha Nepal, stressed on the need to nominate the 26 Constituent Assembly members from among the people making significant contribution in different walks of life rather than allocating quota among the political parties.

Minister Pokhrel inspected the Lumbini Zonal hospital and said the government would allocate budget for the hospital to upgrade its standard.