BAJURA: Whereabouts of people who were swept while crossing Chhindu River in Bajura, in the past 10 years, are still unknown.

The river locates between Gumba of Himali Rural Municipality-3 and Baudi in the district.

According to local Lalu Kunwar Bhote, at least seven people who were swept away by the river are still missing. Likewise, Himali Rural Municipality's ward no. 3 member Jagat Lama stated that there could be more incidents still unknown to them as many people, along with their cattle, cross the river using ropes on a daily basis.

The area lacks government attention as it is remote and has less population. Incidents of people and cattle being swept away could have been stopped if there was a suspension bridge over the river, said local Phulmati Gurung. However, the locals' appeal for the construction of a suspension bridge has remained unheard.

They risk their lives crossing the river to collect herbs and to seek medical care in Kolti and Martadi based health facilities.

The river is big and difficult to cross even in winter. The crossing becomes a nightmare during the rainy season.