Shahi attacked, airlifted to capital

Chitwan, September 28

Gyanendra Shahi, who claims to be an activist fighting against corruption, was attacked in Chitwan today.

Shahi was assaulted while he was leaving the hotel he was staying in, after a programme at Chaubishkothi of Bharatpur organised by his group ‘Nepali for Nepal’ was disrupted.

Chitwan District Police Office said the micro-bus Shahi had boarded after he left Global Hotel was attacked.

A group of youths had attacked Shahi with stones, rods and sticks inside the vehicle.

Superintendent of Police Dan Bahadur Malla said Shahi and four others were airlifted to Kathmandu for further treatment after Shahi was treated at Chitwan Medical College. Shahi has received a deep cut on the toe of his right leg. It is reported that he also received cuts on his head, chest, and back. Others have suffered minor injuries.

Police had briefly arrested micro-bus driver for his alleged involvement in the incident. According to SP Malla, the arrested was freed in the evening. “We rescued Shahi as soon as we got the report that he was being attacked,” said Malla.

Earlier, the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) cadres had disrupted the programme slated to be addressed by Shahi at Chaubishkothi. Police had urged Shahi and his group not to organise the programme to prevent a clash.