Shelter boxes for flood-hit

Kathmandu, August 17:

The Women Foundation today dispatched 120 shelter boxes and 10 school boxes for the flood victims of Dhanusha district.

Shelter boxes contain tents, utensils, clothes and other things, except food items for the flood victims. School boxes contains a big tent, stationery and other supplies for schoolchildren affected by floods.

In a statement, Kamala Upreti, general secretary of the WF said, “We will distribute these materials to the flood victims in Dhanusha district after coordinating with the local governmental officers and the Rotary Clubs.”

She added that they would provide 80 more shelter boxes to the flood victims soon.

Shelter Box, a UK-based organisation, has supplied the shelter boxes and school boxes through Rotary Club of Helston Lizard. Gary Boe, a Rotarian, said, “A shelter box is a temporary home for the victims.”

He added that they would be ensuring effective delivery of shelter boxes to those in need.

He said the Rotary Club would provide 200 shelter boxes to flood victims in Surkhet district very soon.