Dhangadi, March 12

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Prakash Shah of Province 7 today ruled out the possibility of shifting its capital from Dhangadi to Doti or Dipayal.

Speaking at a programme held in Doti, Minister Shah said  that it will be really hard to shift the capital to Doti even though it was much a better place in terms of accessibility, historical importance and topography. “The previous government had declared Dhangadi the provisional capital, but I am in favour of shifting it to Doti. However, it is hard to do so. Even if we can’t shift the capital to Doti or Dipayal, I will try my best to set up one or two ministries, departments or the offices of some important projects in those places,” said minister Shah.

Owing to the fact that there were scores of security challenges for the provincial government, Minister Shah claimed that they would tackle them confidently and wisely. “At present, the key challenges to the government are curbing tax evasion, preventing possible crime due to the open border, drug smuggling and violence against women. Province 7 can be developed as a prosperous province by utilising the available natural resources properly,” claimed minister Shah.

Minister Shah, who is also an alternative central member of the ruling CPN-UML, directed his party cadres not to engage in criminal activities. “Don’t seek help for undesirable and unethical acts, but I am always ready to extend my support for good deeds,” said Shah.