Shortage of toilets, water hit storm victims hard

Bara, April 3

Storm victims have been facing problems owing to lack of drinking water and toilets in storm-hit areas of Bara district.

A storm victim, Amir Dewan of Pheta Rural Municipality, said drinking water provided by relief organisations was insufficient. “We have not taken bath and washed clothes for four days,” he said. Dewan, who has been wearing dirty clothes for days, told THT: “Foul smell has begun to spread as victims answer the nature’s call out in the open due to lack of toilets,” he said. Dewan said the possibility of epidemic breaking out would be less if temporary toilets were constructed at designated places.

Sakila Khatun of Purainiya also complained of lack of toilets and dirty clothes.

Chairman of Pheta Rural Municipality Amirilal Prasad told THT that hand pumps had been installed at some places, but they were not sufficient to resolve water crisis. He said lack of toilets had hit women the hardest. Prasad added that he had urged donor agencies to erect temporary toilets.  Lack of water and toilets has hit Pheta Rural Municipality the worst.

Kalaiya sub-metropolis, Mahagadhimai, Pachharuta and Prasauni municipalities and Subarna and Parwanipur Rural Municipalities are also facing shortage of water and lack of toilets.