'Shortest' candidate with tiger election symbol

JHAPA: Pankaj Karki, who has fielded his nomination for the ward member of Bhadrapur Municipality-8 as an independent candidate, has been out canvassing for votes for June 28 local elections.

Unlike other candidates, he effortlessly draws a huge crowd as well as furrow in anyone's brow, thanks to his distinctly short height.

Karki, whose height measures at four feet, claims to be the shortest candidate to contest the second round of local level elections in Jhapa district as an independent candidate.

The second phase of elections is going to take place at  334 local units in 35 districts, including Jhapa, across Province no 1, 5 and 7 . Jhapa lies in Province 1.

With no prior exposure to politics, it is Karki's maiden attempt to be in the leadership to effect positive changes in his municipality that, he claims, is plagued by corruption.

"Combating corruption in my municipality is high on my agenda besides creating employment opportunities to avert the brain drain among the skilled and educated youths in my locality," said the 29-year-old, sharing his plans and programmes if he is ever elected in the upcoming elections.

Although short in height, Karki lives by a high thinking. "A person may be stunted in height but he/she should always think big and high," he philosophizes.

The youth contender bemoaned, "A huge number of degree holder youths here are seeking greener pastures. I will take the lead to create jobs that suit to their education and skills."

He has been granted 'tiger' as his election symbol.

Karki is confident of his victory in the elections because he believes that the youth section of the voters could easily relate to him.