Janakpurdham, Dec 22

Former prime minister and senior leader of the main opposition party CPN UML Jhalanath Khanal today said that the government required to announce the date for polls by sidelining the statute amendment bill to relieve the country from a prolonged stalemate.

Speaking to journalists at Janakpur Airport today, Khanal argued that there was no meaning to the tabled constitution amendment bill. “The government must announce the date for polls by holding consultation with the parties at the earliest for proper implementation of the constitution.

Election is the driving force of democracy. Hence, the government musts to take all possible initiatives to prepare for elections. Our party is ready to fully support the government on its part,” claimed Khanal.

He stressed that polls were necessary for effective execution of the statute. “However, it is not feasible to hold all three tiers of polls within a short span.

Hence, we have to proceed with federal and parliamentary elections prior to that of the local bodies,” argued Khanal, who is scheduled to attend his party’s meeting in Siraha on Friday.