Birgunj, July 16 :

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party has threatened to take to the streets if the government led by the seven-party alliance tries to exclude it from policy-making. “The SPA is trying to sideline us, saying it alone was active in the Jana Andolan II,” RPP president Pashupati Shumsher Rana said today, adding, “We will launch an agitation if we are sidelined.”

Addressing district-level party cadres in City Hall, Rana said his party boycotted the civic poll and asked the then royal government to reinstate people’s rights. The RPP central leadership had officially given the district leadership the right to decide on the issue of participation in the municipal polls.

“It is wrong of the SPA to say our party was not involved in Jana Andolan II,” he said. “The SPA should remember our party was split up into two by vested interests who used government resources to do so.”

Rana said the issue of citizenship to Madhesis should be made an agenda in the constituent assembly. The government promised to tackle the issue prior to the election to a constituent assembly after RPP raised it in the House. He vowed RPP would not participate in any election to a constituent assembly unless the four million Madhesis are allowed to vote in it.