Signing of housing grant deal begins in Dhankuta

Dhankuta, April 18

Signing of agreement to receive the government’s reconstruction grant has started in Dhankuta Municipality of Dhankuta district, two years after the devastating earthquake damaged hundreds of houses in various parts of the country.

As per the agreement, victims will receive reconstruction grant under four instalments. Each household will receive a total of Rs 300,000. Executive Officer at Dhankuta Municipality Office Tirtha Prasad Dhital said each victim household will receive Rs 50,000 as first instalment, Rs 150,000 as second instalment, Rs 75,000 as third instalment, and Rs 25,000 as fourth instalment for installation of solar system.

A source at the municipality office said a total of Rs 127.8 million was deposited in Rastriya Banijaya Bank to be distributed as first instalment of the grant amount.

According to Dhankuta District Coordination Committee, as many as 4,492 families whose houses were completely damaged in the quake have been recommended as beneficiaries of the reconstruction grant. Of them, only 2,400 families have been approved as genuine victims who will receive the amount in the first phase, said Local Development Officer Parba Prasad Sapkota.