Sindhulimadi to have cable car in a year

SINDHULIMADHI: A cable car is set to be constructed within a year to make Siddhababa Temple, which is located at Chyaukot Danda in Sindhulimadi, the district headquarters of Sindhuli, easily accessible for pilgrims.

There has recently been an agreement between Siddhababa Cable Car Pvt Ltd and an Indian company based in Kolkata to that effect. A base for the transport link will be at Thulichauri in Kamalamai municipality-9.

According to Min Bahadur Shrestha, coordinator, Siddhababa Cable Car Construction Users’ Committee, the contractor would complete the construction in 10 months. He said the government had granted permission for the construction and that an advanced survey had been carried out for the project. The cable line will span 1,600 meters and will be supported by nine pylons. Each of the six carriers will hold six persons each. The total construction cost is estimated to be Rs 15 million.

“Seventy per cent of the cost will be financed by banks while the local residents will contribute 30 per cent in the form of shares,” Shrestha said. The project is expected to boost tourism and economic development in the district. According to Mohan Baral, a lecturer, the district has a huge potential of tourism particularly when the construction of BP Highway, linking Bardibas with Banepa, is over.

Residents all over the district are enthusiastic about the construction in the anticipation that the place will fall midway between Kathmandu and eastern Nepal once the highway is ready for operation, former parliamentarian and the cable car project manager Shankarnath Sharma said. The Siddhababa temple has also been renovated recently, after its being in a dilapidated condition for the past five years. Local Pramod Chandra Gajurel has donated two katthas of land worth Rs 400,000 for the transport project.

Pilgrims from both home and abroad flock to the temple every year during the Shivaratri festival, when a fair is also held. Construction work has begun following the decision of a meeting of political party representatives, intellectuals, businessmen and social workers in the district held last year.