Sindhupalchok DAO overwhelmed with people seeking passport

MELAMCHI: Following the April 25 earthquake, the District Administration Office (DAO), Sindhupalchok has seen a staggering number of people thronging to apply for passport.

Sindhupalchok is the worst-hit zone in view of human casualties with a record of 3,423 deaths so far and thousands of casualties.

More than 4,000 recommendations have been furnished by the DAO, Sindhupalchok since mid-May, according to Surya Prasad Upadhyaya, Assistant Chief of the DAO, Sindhupalchok.

After the earthquake, the number of people obtaining passport from the district has also increased, shared Uttam Poudel of Passport Department in the DAO, Sindhupalchok. He added that some 30 people have been obtaining passport a day on average.

Poudel further said, "Some 50 persons have been taking recommendations from the DAO here per day."

The increment in the number of people applying for the passport is attributed to the trend of flying for foreign employment amongst the youth here following the 7.6-magnitude earthquake.