Siraha jail crammed with inmates

Siraha, October 13

Siraha District Prison is having a hard time as it is crammed with jailbirds three times its actual capacity.

Though the jail has the capacity to accommodate 150 prisoners, it is crowded with 426 inmates. The jail has 192 inmates with three dependent children and 231 detainees.

Acting District Prison Chief Babita Mahato said the inmates were experiencing many problems, including drinking water shortage, unhygienic toilets and lack of sleeping space. Jailbirds and detainees have started suffering from skin ailments due to lack of adequate space.

The dilapidated condition of the prison has added to the woes of jailbirds. Chief security guard of the prison Shreedev Karak said the roof leaks during monsoon.

The prison administration, however, said the inmates were having a tough time as they had refused to be shifted to another place.