Mobile, motorcycle and Bhojpuri songs banned in Kalyanpur

SIRAHA: Mobile, motorcycle, Bhojpuri songs, and selling and buying of alcohol have been banned in some wards of Kalyanpur Municipality in Siraha.

A recently held meeting chaired by Ward No 5 chair Dipendra Yadav of the municipality decided to ban alcohol, mobile, motorcycle and Bhojpuri songs in Wards 4, 5 and 6. Chairman of Ward No 6 Motibul Rain said the decision was taken to control increasing violence and other anti-social activities in the area. He said the local shops would be strictly prohibited from selling alcohol from February 13. The meeting has also decided to fine Rs 5,000 if any shop owner is caught selling alcohol and Rs 200 will be fined for consuming alcohol.

Similarly, children below 16 are not allowed to use mobile and motorcycle. Rain said that mobile phones adversely affected teenagers. He added that the meeting had also decided to fine Rs 500 for going against municipality’s decision. “The students will be motivated through study cards,” he informed.

Likewise, the meeting decided to ban Bhojpuri songs in three wards of the municipality. Anyone failing to abide by the rule will be imposed a fine of Rs 5,000. Mayor Surya Narayan Mandal said the decision made by the wards was praiseworthy.

He added that they were committed to protecting their culture in the municipality.


Siraha municipality bans children below 16 from using mobile, motorcycle

LAHAN: Kalyanpur Municipality of Siraha district has decided to ban children below 16 years of age from using mobile phones and riding motorcycles in the district.

The ban that will come into effect from February 13 will fine the person violating this regulation with Rs 500.

An all party meeting held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Dipendra Yadav, Chairman of ward 5, took a decision to this effect, and the ban will be applied to wards 4, 5, and 6 of the municipality.

The meeting also decided to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol, and playing of provocative songs at restaurants. Those found selling and buying alcohol through a liquor shop will be slammed with fines of Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively.

The move aims to reduce alcohol-related social disorder and chaos, and maintain peace and harmony, informed Chairman of ward 6 Motibul Rain.

Likewise, a restaurant found playing provocative songs will also be fined with Rs 5,000.

The meeting was attended by people's representatives, office bearers of local traders association, chiefs of local security agencies, and social workers.