Sitaula for compromise between state, war-hit

Kathmandu, May 20:

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula today stressed on the need to start peaceful reconciliation between the state and the victims of war.

“War was a time of bitterness, unfriendliness and enmity and its impact is still there on the families of the Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, the Nepal Police and the commoners.

Let’s begin a new age of reconciliation today by being inspired by the teachings of Lord

Buddha,” he said, while addressing a programme organised to mark the 2552nd Buddha Jayanti today.

“Real peace would be re-established in Nepal only if we can forget the past bitterness. The whole world is eager to see peaceful conclusion of conflict in Nepal,” he said.

“Construction is far difficult than destruction. The country is looking for some open-minded support from all sectors of the society - the tactics for power, egoism and stubbornness will only invite destruction,” he said.

Sitaula also reminded that Lord Buddha had shown us the path to peace two millennia ago but we failed to follow it. “We generated conflict in our society. Today would be a significant day to vow to end conflict from our side,” he added.

Speaker Subas Nembang expressed concern over the slow progress in the Lumbini Master Plan and urged the government to take steps to complete it on time.

He also drew attention on illegal constructions in and around the archaeological sites of Lumbini. He was in Lumbini this morning.

“Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. But we have failed to do justice to Buddha, his birthplace and his teaching. We have to do something concrete to transport Buddha’s philosophy in our life,” he said.

He said that unity among religious, ethnic and linguistic communities is necessary to bring the peace process to constructive conclusion. He also informed that preparation for the meeting of the constituent assembly is complete and that it would take place on May 30, as per the schedule.

Bhikshu Kumarkashyap, chairman of the Buddha Jayanti Celebration Committee and representatives from the embassies of Sri Lanka and Thailand also shed light on the significance of teaching of Lord Buddha in the present context of Nepal.