Six confess to killing ‘sorcerer’ in Palpa

Palpa, August 29 :

Six persons, including 60-year-old Durga Bahadur Khangai, of Mityal VDC-5, confessed to the police today that they had killed 51-year-old Suk Bahadur Saru, of the same VDC, on the charge of practicing sorcery on July 12 and threw him from a nearby hill, acting deputy superintendent of police at the Palpa District Police Office, Shiv Sharma Acharya, said today. The six persons were arrested yesterday on the charge of killing Saru.

According to their confession, Durga Bahadur invited Suk Bahadur to his home on July 12. As Saru came, Kim Bahadur Sunari, 35, 19-year-old Suk Bahadur Khamcha, 37-year-old Dil Bahadur Khangaha, 35-year-old Khadak Bahadur Soti and 42-year-old Laya Bahadur Soti beat Suk Bahadur with sticks and killed him. They later threw Suk Bahadur down the hill. Neighbours found the body of Saru 15 days later.