Rampur, April 26 Yam Khamcha, A resident of Bardakot of Rampur – 2, dreams of becoming like Jhamak Ghimire, who writes with his leg. Yam, who has lived as a differently-abled person since his birth, is now 18 years old. He had suffered from jaundice when inside his mother’s womb. He can see and hear but can’t speak and both his hands are immobile. Yam has graduated grade six in school by writing with his leg. He takes an hour’s walk to the Balhit Secondary School at Anandi Bhanjyang everyday to attend classes. He replies by writing with his leg and has a dream of becoming like Jhamak Ghimire after completing his education with the support of his legs. He spends his time drawing, reading and writing in his room. He uses his legs also when eating. “Anyone will be fascinated just seeing his activities. His legs do his hard work although he cannot write with his hand or speak,” a local resident, Iman Singh Rana said. Yam’s father Man Bahadur has always been concerned about the sorry state of his second son. Yam has two brothers and one daughter. Yam’s mother Yogmaya said that her son has always done what he can do and has never relied too heavily on others. Yam is yet to receive the identity card handed over to differently-abled citizens. Yogmaya complained that the card was made at an integrated mobile camp three years ago in Rampur, but they are yet to receive it. They were assured the delivery of the identity card after it was signed at the camp. The absence of such a card has deprived Yam of the facility he is entitled to from the government.