Slaughterhouse entrepreneurs ignoring government regulations in Palpa

Rampur, February 23

The implementation of rules and regulations enforced by the government for quality meat production and processing has been in sorry state here.

The Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act -1998 and Regulation-2000 have been limited to paper.

It was found that meat entrepreneurs have not adhered to the provisions of Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Act and Regulations.

The Meat Inspection Act was enforced to promote the sale of healthy and hygienic meat and prevent different diseases borne out of unhygienic animal flesh.

According to Acting Livestock Development Officer of Palpa, Dr Chandra Bahadur Rana, a total of 226 fresh houses including 152 registered and 74 unregistered are in operation in Palpa district.

He shared that the Office has been sensitising entrepreneurs regarding the provisions of the relevant act and regulation besides monitoring slaughterhouse and organising workshops and interactions.

However, the meat inspection act has been almost dysfunctional as no attention has been given by entrepreneurs for its implementation.