SMCF demands free, compulsory secondary education


Community School Management Committee Federation of Nepal (SMC Federation) on sunday recommended that the Constituent Assembly ensure ‘Free and Compulsory Secondary Education’ in the new constitution.

Article 36 (2) of the preliminary draft constitution has stated that every citizen shall have the right to free and compulsory basic (grade I to VIII) education and free education up to secondary (grade IX to XII) level, ensuring free and compulsory education only at the basic level.

A press statement issued here on sunday by SMC Federation said the government should include ‘free and compulsory education up to secondary level’ instead of ‘free and compulsory basic education and compulsory secondary education’.

It said, “Education up to secondary level should be the responsibility of the Government of Nepal in the new constitution so that the new generation gets opportunity to get equal education.” The statement further said that the government should invest more in the education sector as per the commitment made in international forums and give priority to vocational education from secondary level education.

SMC Federation has also urged the government to ensure the safety of all schools in the constitution.

Other suggestions of SMC Federation included guarantee of timely amendment of the Education Act, legal provision for government employees and other employees who are getting salaries and facilities from the government to compulsorily send their children to community schools, give high-power to the SMC and legal provision to make education and SMC free of politics.

The SMC Federation has also urged then government to make legal provision to bring the School Sector Development Plan for improving the quality of community schools.