Snail mail travels 40 km in 11 days?

ITAHARI: How many days do you think it takes to deliver a letter from one district to another adjoining district? One, two or three, any guess? Strange though it sounds, a registered mail from Morang district reached Sunsari district in 11 days. The recipient is yet to get the letter though. It takes an hour to reach Inaruwa, the district headquarters of Sunsari, by bus from Biratnagar. The delivery would have taken less than a day on horse’s back. The two places are 40 kilometres apart.

A letter registered at a post office in Biratnagar in Morang on March 7 arrived at Inaruwa in Sunsari only today, said Rabin Karki of Itahari Municipality-1.

This came to light today when Karki, who had tied nuptial knot with an Indonesian girl Jeshi Mathri, eight years ago, was narrating an incident.

It all happened that Mathri had accompanied Karki on a tourist visa. Mathri had applied for a marriage registration certificate at the District Court Morang. The court had sent a registered letter to the District Court Sunsari seeking some information on March 7. But the letter arrived at Inaruwa in 11 days.

According to Karki, Martha has been paying $ 2 daily as she is on a tourist visa but after the marriage registration she will have to pay $ 10 per month. He lamented, "The post office took such a long time for delivering a letter adding to the expense.''

Raju KC, a local, said,'' There is no use of the post office as it takes so long time to deliver a letter.'' A staffer at Eastern Regional Post Office Biratnagar said delivery might have been delayed due to bandh. But it should not have taken so long, the staffer quipped.